About Us

About Us

IP is a boutique website design and development company in Singapore founded in 2015 by a team of dedicated, experienced and passionate professionals. Our expertise includes web design, software application services, web development, online advertising services, social media services, creative digital and logo design, 2D/3D media production, and conducting web design courses.

We are now a multi-language web design agency delivering the above services to the Asia Pacific regions of Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and China.



Our Mission

      • To provide you with the best professional and quality IT services.
      • To help business go online, build a strong online footprint, start a website, a business blog or use social media marketing to boost sales, get leads and build brand image.
      • To become a premier IT Service Provider by supporting you in all sectors of the industry.

      • 帮助您解决技术问题。
      • 提供您最专业优质的IT 服务。
      • 帮助您的公司创建专业网站, 商业博客或社交媒体网络来提高您的销售量,并建立更好的品牌形象。
      • 在所有工业领域成为优质领先IT服务提供商。
      • 简而言之, 我们为客户提供优质IT项目咨询和网页开发, 同时提供卓越的客户服务。

Our Awards

Imperial Program is delighted to be a recipient of the prestigious Singapore Enterprise Medal of Honours 2018, awarded by the Singapore Enterprise Association.

It is a great honour to be recognised as one of the Top 100 Companies in Singapore for providing excellent customer service with high-quality products.

Our Partners

We have been working together with a handful of trusted partners for years, who have provided excellence services for our customers throughout our professional relationship.

Cityhall Singapore

A stop of discovery for attraction and location of interest at Singapore for both locals and tourists alike. Not only food recommendations and sites to visit, there is also information on current events – including non-profit events – updated to the latest talk of town hence make your visit and outings better organised by planning ahead in the Lion City.

Cityhall Yangon

A collection of all things Yangon, you can find attractions to interest you about the city where modern and traditional lives coexist. Here, you can find out about the latest news and events about the happenings in the city. Available for both locals and foreigners, the site is available in English thus easily accessible. With this, you can better plan your trip before you reach Yangon.

Cityhall Jakarta

Website designed specially for visitors and residents of Jakarta, you can look up the many events, shopping malls, cuisine speciality and attraction places to be discovered in Jakarta. Find out on the ins and outs of how it is to visit this city and what you can do to enjoy your time. The hidden gems and information you can hardly find online will all be available here, easy for you to travel during your visit in Jakarta.

Cityhall Bangkok

A network of information on Bangkok, Thailand, this is your one stop platform for you to find out all there is to know about the tourist attraction on Bangkok. Where to eat, stay, shop and visit is available for you to discover. Enrich yourself in the culture and traditions that is Thailand.

Vue Vision – Image Filtraa

The Object Differentiation Analysis – a software with a function to differentiate each object from a distance at a visual plane with 3D modelling for more accurate analysis.

Vue Vision – Enchanteer

Image Enhancement Application – focusing for human facial recognition, this software has the ability to enhance and restore poor resolutions algorithm that analysis a person’s facial features to be restored.

Knowledge Lab

With our top professors in Asia and renowned research labs coming together to solve AI problems and conduct classes for industry professionals.



Customers with any kind of mobile device can access your website easily.


Your website will be easier to find with higher ranks on Google and Bing search engines.


With social media presence, potential customers can find you easier and get more enquiries.


With e-commerce, your sales will increase with a 24/7 business.


Easy to edit with prompt update by yourself.


you get new customers more quickly.

We are here to build a Customized Corporate Website for your business that:

  • is user-friendly – easy to edit and update promptly by yourself.
  • is mobile responsive – customers with any type of smart phone devices can access your website easily.
  • can sell and collect payment online – e-commerce will increase your sales with a 24/7 business.
  • can capture leads – you get more customers and enquiries.
  • enables social media networking – new customers can discover you easily and quickly.
  • is secure and maintained – so that you will have a peace of mind on online security.
  • is search engine optimized – your website will rank higher thus easy to find on Google and Bing search engines.





  • 容易使用 – 易于自行编辑和更新。
  • 响应式网页设计 – 使用任何类型的设备的客户都可以轻松阅读您的网站。
  • 网络销售 – 通过电子商务,您可以获得全天候业务销售。
  • 捕获潜在客户 – 您可以获得更多客户和查询。
  • 社交媒体网络 – 您可以更快地获得新客户。
  • 安全和维持 – 您可以无牵挂。
  • 搜索引擎优化 – 网站将在谷歌和必应搜索引擎中排名更高。
  • A website is accessible 24/7 – your business will be available not just during operating hours.
  • Your business will reache a global market  – your business will get more customers, increase sales and profits.
  • To showcase your products and services – customers can find your products and services easily.
  • To put up Promotions, Sales and Offers   – you can increase sales while saving costs on printing brochures and flyers distribution.
  • Increase Brand Awareness for your business – customers can differentiate your business from your competitors.



  • 全天候在线 – 您的商业咨询可全天候在线。
  • 进入国际市场 – 您将获得更多客户,销售和利润。
  • 展示产品和服务 – 让客户可轻松找到您的产品和服务。
  • 提供促销,销售和优惠 – 增加销售额,同时节省印刷手册和传单分发的成本。
  • 打造商业品牌 – 让客户可以更了解您的品牌。

You will be pleasantly surprised when you hear about our pricing plans! All our customers have already enjoyed our promotional packages. Why not you too? Contact and discuss your business needs and tell us about your requirements today, for a quote!
Check today and see if your company information shows when tying your exact company name. There is a way to find on the Google search engine to show your company on its first page when you or your prospect types in your company name. We would love to help you with this difficult task.
We will help you to create your business listing location in Google search results and Google Map for your Business to be well-identifiable by potential and existing clients.




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No matter how small or big, what industry you belong to, having these two vital components can help your business be found by anyone, anywhere and at any given time. Just imagine having your business partially operational round the clock, a virtual showroom open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Please contact us today for a free consultation and quotation so we can better understand your needs.