Choosing a Web Designer


Choosing a web designer or web design company could be the most difficult thing when you need web design service. There are so many of them out there in the market, we all know picking the best service is difficult, it could be a try and error. The following tips help you with this.



Visit their site

When you visit their website, you should like what you see. Understand the effort the web design organization put into developing their website. The website of this company is representative of the quality and caliber of their work. If you do not like the website, then you choose not to choose this company. Not liking and liking a website is pretty simple if you visit tons of websites on an everyday basis, it can be the look, the loading speed, the user experience the website provide you, its navigation,.. For better results, seek opinions about the website from ten different people.


Look at the sample work of the web design company

Any company that is in the website design business will have a portfolio section. The web design company you are checking on should have one. Or at least, they have to email you their portfolio on request. Analyze their portfolio with care. Understand the level of ingenuity that has done into the creation of the design elements. If you are not well-versed with this analysis, get help from a professional web designer.


Do they try to understand your business?

A good web design company has the unique quality of understanding their client’s business. Do they interview you and take now of what you said about your requirement? Do they make you fill in a form which help them understand your business better?

No such company can guarantee an ideal website design without understanding their client's business. Understand how much they are interested in your business. If they are not, then be prepared to get your website designed using some standard templates.


Seek references

Before even meeting the company, seek references.

  • Understand the level of credibility this company carries. Try to seek references from any source you can find. Start with a basic search on Google. There could be plenty of forums that have review comments on this web design company.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau. If there are legitimate complaints against this company, such complaints are registered with this bureau. You can safely trust this institution for the complaints it registers and validates.


How original is the design

Has the website design company won recent awards? If they are winning awards every now and then, you should consider giving them the order. Some companies just want to do well in this business. Given that there are so many companies vying for market share, it is essentially a case of who innovates for survival. If they have not won any award, do they intend to participate in any upcoming event to get one? If the company is a new design company, look at their people, how talented their staffs are? are they professional in this field?



This is a tricky affair. You cannot compare the quality of web design of a web design company with another.

  • What if one of the companies was an award winning one?
  • Would not any price be sufficient to get award winning web designs on your website?

Ideally, web design pricing should be optimal and standardized. Check if the rates are standard. This is regardless of award winning web designs or not. If the rates are standard, you can proceed with making an initial payment. If the payment policies are unclear, then you could be paying more at the end of the project. So don’t let this happen to you with any web design company.


Can you update the website content yourself?

Ensure you will have access to update and edit the content of your website 24/7 on the fly. This is achieved by software which is called a content management system or CMS. If you would like to dig more on why CMS is good, check here: 10 Benefits of a Content Management System.

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