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The truth is that graphic design and desktop publishing are very similar in their nature and that a lot of people will use them interchangeably, when in fact, they do have their differences. It isn’t generally considered a big deal; however, it is crucial that individuals understand their true meanings and how to use them properly.

Basically, graphic design is the creative process of developing ideas, arrangements and concepts in order to visually communicate a specific message.

Desktop publishing, on the other hand, is the mechanical process that people use to take these graphic images for certain projects and change them into digital files for printing commercially and on the desktop. Since desktop publishing does not require you to have a creative process, it is rather for production than design.



Software For Desktop Publishing Is The Denominator

A lot of graphic designers will use the software that is developed for desktop publishing in order to create those ideas that they are envisioning. This software also helps them when it comes to creating the design as it allows the designers to try different elements.

It is also very common that those not in design also use the software to create their own projects either for their own pleasure or for their business.

How much creativity that is used varies substantially between the users.

This software, with the professional templates, allows normal consumers to create what they would like, just like the professional designers.

However, as they do not have the designer skills, their products would not turn out the same as a professional graphic designer.

This is why the position of an educated and skilled graphics designer is employed for many businesses and those looking for images.


Graphic Design Is Good And Desktop Publishing Is Bad Myth

Generally people will confuse the terms graphic design and desktop publishing, however since the desktop publishing is used by those not skilled in graphic designing it is not considered as much of an activity as graphic designing.

Not all of those that are doing desktop publishing are also into graphic designs; however, most of the professionals work with both. To create a design, they need both the creative side and the production side.

At times, the term desktop publisher might mean someone that is a professional in the field that would rather focus on the production part, while some refer to this as an amateur.

Some of the graphic designers don’t care for using desktop publishing; however, it is generally a part of their job that they don’t even realize.

What they truly dislike is not the actual use of desktop publishing, but they dislike that there are so many out there using or misusing it in order to create their own designs, while the graphic designers are spending all of their time creating these designs in their head and on paper, rather than using software to bring up an image.

It is similar to making money doing nothing, while there are those out there working long days and nights just to make enough money to live.





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