Email Marketing vs Social Media

email marketing

Is it true if we say "Email Marketing Is More Effective Than Social Media" – it may be true for some businesses, not all.

Although social media is ideal for promotion and building awareness, it does not always work well to get customers to act. For many digital businesses like ours, email remains the most powerful tool to close the sale and gain paying customers.

As competitions rose and more rivals arrived, everybody started selling the unique selling proposition of their products to the customer and the customer began to have more choices. Gone are the days when you used to directly sell your product to your customer and the later had to take and accept whatever you had made for him.

Now set up the system that is able to detect what your customer wants and then build up your product or service catering to the former’s need, then sell it to them. This process is called marketing, and when you use an email to market your product to the customer, it’s simply called email marketing.



Email marketing – what is it all about

Email marketing in a broader sense can be described as the way by which you can sell your products to your customers, by mailing them about it.  Email marketing can be an advertisement, a proposition, an idea, a product, a service or anything that you want your customers to know about. The purpose of email marketing is not only limited to offer the customer knowledge about your product, but it is also a very much used system to generate leads for your business.

Email marketing is used to create interest in the minds of the customers about the products or services you provide. An effective email can help you not only achieve a target customer who will buy your product or service, but you can also use the same to achieve another customer by asking the first one to just refer or ‘forward’ the email to another prospect who would be interested in your business.

Email marketing is also done with the aim to keep the existing customer base of a company intact, by sending follow up and ‘special’ emails to the customer, reminding them of how happy you were to deal with them. This caters to the relatedness a customer feels after buying a product or service from your company and your aim is to convince him/her to have a second buy from you itself. So it can be said that email marketing is also used to build a ‘relationship’ with your customer in order to keep your ‘hot’ lead base intact.


Email marketing – types and ways

While the term marketing itself is related to creativity indirectly, however depending on what you want to sell, there are a few different types of email marketing which already exists to help you work faster.

The first one is ‘transaction email’ which is based on the behavior of a customer. This kind of mailing system is used when a customer has taken the bait, i.e. he or she is in the process of buying your product or has already done that.

An after purchase email is an example of transaction email, where you mention the specifications of the product name, type, price etc. to the customer to either remind him that you were grateful he bought it from you. It calls up-sell.

Promotional emails are another type of emails where you can directly promote your product or service to a desired group of customers via email marketing.




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