Graphic Design Careers

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Graphic Design Careers
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The possible careers for a graphic designer are very broad. In today’s world full of splashy visual elements and subliminal elements, graphic design is a growing industry, and good graphic designers are highly sought after.

Technically, anyone with graphic design skills can become a graphic designer, regardless of their education.

They cover many different positions that all have to deal with creativity.

What are the works graphic designers may do?

Some graphic designers might work as logo designers, advertisement designers, web designers, photograph editors, book layout artists, magazine layout artists, illustrators, or art directors.



Art/Creative Director

These directors are generally in charge of a group of creative designers that create graphics for specific projects such as magazines, products, billboards and even online. The art director ensures that each member of the creative team is working hard to present the work to the client’s satisfaction.

These directors play a large role in making sure that all of the visual elements of the project are completed and that the team stays on task. Although the majority of the time they are working on more administrative tasks while the team works on the graphics.


Layout Artist

These layout artists are usually working on the structure and the layout of the text and images that will please the taste of the clients.

This can include all different types of projects that they will be working on.

Layout artists need to ensure that all of the elements of the graphics will flow together and constantly need to have an open mind and using creativity and imagination to create images that are unlike any others they have ever presented.


Brand Identity Designer

Brand identity designers work with the identity or brand of a specific organization or company.

These brands are the way that people will identify them, so they need to be something that will catch the eye of the consumer.

The brand is a very strong marketing tool for the company, so the designer will need to keep this in mind when they are creating the right design for the company.

However, the position of a brand designer should never be confused with that of the logo designers.


Logo Designer

A logo designer is almost like a brand designer, however they work with the logo of special companies that sell many products.

These images are usually sketches or drawings that are then added with colors and text to create a logo. A logo is very important for helping consumers remember and come back to purchasing the product again and again.

Most companies will spend hundreds to thousands of dollars just to have a logo created, so it is important for the logo designer to create something that is unique and original to sell their company.



An illustrator is the type of designer that will create a story throughout the use of images and designs.

These people will usually create these story-like images throughout reading materials such as brochures, books, magazines, articles and so on. It is important that the illustrator understand what the story is about so they are able to tie their graphics into what is being read.

This type of designing takes a lot of time and patience, but with the amount of work that is available it is a truly promising position that pays well.


UI/UX Artist

UI/UX artist designs the layouts of software application, which not only must be beautiful but also user friendly in order to attract the users. In this era of mobile application, a good UI / UX design is important in order to stand out of the 2 millions of mobile applications in this market.

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