Proven List Building Tips

list building

There are many aspects of list building; therefore there are numerous list building tips. List building helps to increase traffic to your website. When you build a list, you have monetize it. You can use this list to promote your own product, service, or an affiliate product or service.



List building tips if you have money

Purchase a list

If you have the money, you can purchase a list. This saves you from the work of building a list. Ensure that you keep the list with you and don’t sell them. You can sell the list only if you have done using the list and you see no more potential in it.


Ads on Ezines

An Ezine is an online newsletter. It is sent to thousands of subscribers. You can buy advertising space on an Ezine. Buying solo ads is better than buying other types of ads.


Ads on Facebook

This is one among the many list building tips that is expensive but has a good success rate. If you can place ads on Facebook, you can entice users to leave their email IDs. But there is a lot of work that goes behind this. You have to understand how to market advertisements on Facebook.


Building a list when you don’t have much money

Approaching other bloggers

Contact bloggers that have blogs with similar content. You will entice them with a business proposition. You will send their email newsletter to your list if they can do the same for you.


Including a bonus with a product

List building tips are vast and varied. Something free to give away as gift is the perfect approach for most B2B (business to business) companies out there. This tip is one that is used extensively. Identify products that match with the freebie you are offering. Contact the product owners. Ask them to distribute the freebie along with their products. Your freebie will have backlinks to your web assets. Hence, this is one of the ways how to build lists from numerous sources.


Don’t offer a freebie without a clause

Don’t be very generous. Offer freebies, but with a clause. For instance, post a free eBook on how to dominate search engine optimization. Allow visitors to download this article only if they subscribe to your newsletter. This is as opposed to letting them download without subscribing to your newsletter. Most often than not, visitors won’t subscribe to your newsletter.


Creating PDFs out of existing information

There is nothing wrong in reinventing the wheel. Distribute PDFs that enclose content that is already on your website or newsletter content. Put all these PDFs up for grabs. Meaning, you can send these PDFs to PDF networks. So when people are searching for PDFs, your PDF could appear in the search results. A popular PDF network is Scribd. I recommend Nitro to convert your file from word to pdf.


Guest post

Write articles on forums or websites as a guest. Write informative and engaging articles. Include a link of your website or newsletter subscription on the guest post. This is an excellent way to build lists. In fact, out of all list building tips, this one has the highest success rate. Check this simple explanation.




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