Questions To Ask Your Website Designer

September 21, 2016 - Digital Web Design, Graphic Design, Local SEO, Web Design Singapore
Questions To Ask Your Website Designer
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We’ve outlined the top 3 questions to ask your website designer or a potential website service provider before committing to a new site. The answers will help ensure a good fit and a good return on your investment once you start your online presence or revamp your website service after a decade not updating anything new to make it live or engaging with your prospective audience.




3 questions to ask a website provider:

Question 1 Who will write the content for my website?

Question 2 – What will you do after my website is live?

In your research for a website, you will encounter two types of providers:

1. who sell websites as products and

2. who provide websites as a service


Question 3 – What is the response time on website updates?

Too many hoops to jump through on the back end and you’ll never want to update it. If you’re dealing with a website company, ask about the turnaround time. It can range from same day up to a week, so make sure you find a company that works on a timetable similar to yours. 

It’s very likely you’ll find that those who provide a website service, such as Imperial Program, respond much more quickly than those who sell a website product. 

If you want more new clients, getting to an intuitive and engaging website is not optional. Many clients are doing research online before selecting a  product or service, you need to have a solid Internet presence and your prospective clients need to be able to find your website quick and easy. 

Do your homework and ask the questions discussed here before selecting website provider in order to ensure a profitable and lasting partnership.


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