Social Media Marketing – A new Avenue for renown

The world is getting smaller day by day when seen from the perspective of an urban human being with the advent of telecommunication and even more importantly, the internet.

These two have brought people closer when it comes to communication but even more importantly they have sequentially made marketing for products more and more productive through easier market penetration and awareness.

One of the greatest new ways to implement this is through social media.

If you are not clear on what exactly is social media or social media marketing then this article is going to show you through the gates.



What is Social media?

Social media is exactly what the name means. It is media or files uploaded by people such as you to different social media sites that can be of any nature or format.

There are many such sites placed across the internet each with their own amount of emphasis on their own types of media but their main goal happens to be the same and that is to allow intricate interaction among different people across the globe.

There have been many concerns about the kind of impact this is going to take on the global scenario but overall it has been seen that the interaction is healthy and that there is more than adequate healthy interaction overall.

Social media sites are highly popular nowadays and there are many that have been placed at the top of the charts when it comes to digital footfall.

Some of the most well known are as follows along with their type of social media coverage.



This is probably the largest social media site there is an almost everybody nowadays has their own Facebook profile.

One of the greatest things about Facebook is that it emphasizes equally on all possible forms of media such as videos, text, audio and pictorial media.



This is chiefly a form of social media site that deals with videos. There is scope to upload your audio only but that is secondary.

This is also one of the most frequented sites out there.



This is the mother lode of all knowledge.

The collectively formed site Wikipedia is literally one of the greatest achievements because it has everything on the internet as well as the outside as an encyclopedia. With regular updates by users as well as site officials this is a social media that is all-encompassing.


World of Warcraft

This is a new and very ingenious form of social media and is not exactly a site. It is more of a gaming world in which you can play and interact with other people as well.

It opens up great ways for companies to get into social media marketing in Singapore.


Second Life

The strangest thing about second life is that it is the work of a genius and at the same time is baffling. It is a new and virtual world where people make their avatars and live in a completely content new universe.



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