How to Use Adobe Photoshop – Basic

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$600 $400 12 hours 6 hrs per day (2 weeks) Sat, 11 to 5 pm
Adobe Photoshop
—Photoshop Basics For Beginners

Where do you start? What do you learn first?

This beginners Photoshop course was specifically designed to answer these questions for you. We will be focused here on getting you up and running in the application quickly, teaching you about tools and workflows that you will need to understand from day one.


Course Objectives:
Become an Expert in Photoshop Tools and Rock
  • To familiarize yourself with image creation
  • To visualize your final image by using the tools available in Adobe Photoshop
  • Introducing you to the various pieces of the Photoshop user interface and some important terminology.
  • Getting to know layers in Photoshop
  • Learning how to utilize a layer-based workflow, apply layer effects and filters to create special effects.
  • Learning tools and features such as color, brushes, image healing, masking, vector tools and filters.
  • To use painting tools and blending modes to create shading effects
  • Eventually you will have accumulated a solid foundation of knowledge and be ready to move deeper into this Photoshop powerful application.


Course Outlines (12 Hours)

Part I: Navigating and Layering

  • Navigating the Basics of Photoshop
  • Layering

Part II: Exploring how to Use Tools (Pen, Magic Wand, Lasso, etc)

  • Pen Tools
  • Magic Wand and Lasso Tools

Part III: Making Adjustment of Colours and Learning how to Draw Shapes

  • Photoshop Black and White Conversions – Hue/Saturation Adjustment
  • Shape Tools

Part IV: Understanding how to do Masking and Blending Options

  • Layer Mask and Clipping Mask
  • Blending Options