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04 Dec

How to Create A Website

Create A Website Is Not Difficult

We conduct course training to help local business in Singapore go online, building your online presense, setting your product on e-commerce website.  This is a crash course with 6 hours in-house training, which guides to the soft skill that most of you needed in this digital age. In this small group class, you will learn the easiest and faster way to create a website, build your own corporate website in a short time.

The website you created is on Content Management Software (CMS) platform which is free to use for everyone, you will have access to update and edit the content of your website 24/7 on the fly once it’s up and running.

This considered as best business practice in website development in this age, for small businesses and has become fairly common.

It is something important to consider because if your website isn’t on a CMS, it can create a lot of expenses later on when you’re wanting to change, add content, update information.

You will also want to make sure that the CMS is an industry standard platform and you also want to make sure that it’s easy to use and that good training and support materials are available to you.

Check out this link showed you some website samples, so you have more detailed of  what you are going to learn and yes what you are going to build to suit your need. It could be a professional virtual portfolio, a 3-pages web page introduced about your hobby to showcase your untold-talent to the world, your start-up company website,…

Eventually after the course, you will be able to create a website / maintain your company website or guide somebody how to create a website quickly.

Build A New Corporate Website – Course syllabus
Module 1 – Understanding Domain & Web-Hosting, cPanel & FTP
Module 2 – Installation of Website & Themes
Module 3 – Installation, Activation & Configuration of Plugins
Module 4 – Widgets for Sidebar & Footer, Plugin SEO


Course Duration:

*Modules 1 & 2 : 3 hours
*Modules 3 & 4 : 3 hours

Class Time: Thu & Fri, 1pm – 4pm or 3pm – 6pm

Course fee is $350

Check our main offer SERVICE PAGE here

Call Mr James Chin for further details: 8199 7922 



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