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web design companies
As our world of technology advances further, the influence over how businesses are conducted utilising marketing strategies have changed greatly. To keep up with the demand, each and every business will have their own corporate websites.
At Imperial Program, we provide website design and development services – both corporate websites and e-commerce websites. This will bring about multitude of benefits for any business.
Imperial Program provides customised Mobile Apps development, both on Android and IOS platforms, for various companies and businesses, ranging from online booking portal, e-commerce and shopping mall, and more. Contact us to discuss your requirements to get started.
responsive web design
digital graphic design
We provide a complete range of design solutions for businesses, mainly for Corporate brand and images.
Which include, logo design services, web designs and template designs, PSD to HTML and CSS conversion service, WordPress theme development, flash banner and pop-up services, advertisement printing designs, catalogue and book cover designs, custom photo composition/illustrations, corporate videos of all types, as well as promotional materials such as leaflets and flyers.
With company preferences and opinions taken largely into consideration and throughout the process, we will ensure to produce unique and satisfactory business-centric designs that will enhance the company images.
As one of the biggest social networking sites, Facebook has millions of users coming in contact with various campaign every day. Through our Facebook Marketing strategies, you can reach out to wide scope of potential customers. When well-executed, you can expect to see a jump in your sales.
It is also a great way to keep in touch with your customers to familiarise them with your brand and business. At Imperial Program, we want to help build your brand story, determine and grow your target audience by running Facebook campaigns that will connect and engage with your audience to measure and enhance the campaign’s performance.
google my business map
It is always a tricky situation when your company name does not show up when you search in Google.
At Imperial Program, we will help create your business listing location in Google search results and Google Map for your business to be well identifiable by potential and existing clients.
Here is an example of what Google will show when you search for Imperial Program Pte Ltd in Google Search Engine. We will have it done for your company within two weeks after discussing with us your requirements.
Imperial Program also provides various options for staff IT training for companies who would like to improve your staff’s IT skill-sets. We have many professional training programs, such as, website creation, e-commerce know-how, graphic design, Adobe Photoshop and customised in-house IT courses.
Our training methods have been specially formulated, tried and tested for participants to learn only within the span of a few days. We ensure that only important and relevant information crucial for the businesses will be imparted. Our hands-on trainers have been professionals and in the IT industry for many years.
IT skills training
website management service
Website maintenance is key to continuously update and keep your website running up to date. A full-time web administrator and specialist can cost up to $45,000 annually.
We can save you thousands of dollars by taking on specific updating and maintenance tasks. An expert will be assigned to support your site every month or anytime you need our services.
With a team of specialists who excel in different field of services, including graphic and animation, we have expertise on 3D animation. To maximise the effectiveness of your digital communication, we have prototypes and examples of some of the work we have done and provided for our clients.
With your company’s requirements and preferences, we will work accordingly and produce satisfactory work for your business to attract clients of your own. The duration for our production will vary based on the project requirements.
3d animation studio video editing
product video making
Video marketing and production is an important part of online digital marketing. It provides a persona, face and voice to your company and business to attract customers for your website.
Imperial Program provides video production for advertisements, short animation, introduction video to your company by staff or even a short skit with your own actors. We will work according to your request and wishes to ensure a production you will surely be satisfied with.
The marketability of products depend on the packaging and design that it comes with since the visuals will be what attract potential customers first. With a team of designers at Imperial Program, we provide customised packaging design for your company’s products to gain attention out on the market.
A distinctive design and trademark with captivating design is important for company products to attract prospective buyers and consumers’ attention. By translating the brand message you want to send to your consumers through visual design, we will surely come up with a design that is unique to your brand.
product packaging design for coffee and food
There are many methods to advertise your businesses online, one of the biggest being digital marketing strategy. By improving your brand image and knowing your brand positioning for target clients, it can be done efficiently.
Imperial Program provide advertisement hosting on 10 to 20 popular, local websites with high traffic where potential customers will come in contact with them. The advertisement will be customised to your business with company’s information, contact numbers, visual aids and product examples for customers to contact your company.
Companies who would like to telecast to communicate with staff at different locations, we provide equipment and set-up in order to do so. You can live stream on Facebook as the default domain, or any specified domain you would like to live stream on.
This is very effective for companies which live stream their corporate events and conferences online. As well as for company’s supervisors to communicate or make announcement to large amount of staff at different locations, at once.
live streaming
video conferencing host
Mostly common in South East Asian countries where most of our clients have company branches and offices at different regions all over the countries, meetings and discussions are video or voice conferenced. This can be done between customers and business or through staffs.
Imperial Program provides service help in order for the video conferencing to be run smoothly without any hiccups.