September 2, 2021

Why a brand logo is important for your business

Why a brand logo is important for your business

In this day and age where customer loyalty is more profitable than rising sales charts, it’s important that your business is easily recognisable. The first step towards brand loyalty and recognition is a striking brand logo.

First impression is key and brand logo is the first thing everyone sees, be it your consumers, target market or even your competitors. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. And just like that, a logo is worth a thousand more.So, what exactly is a logo? It’s anything you want it to be; a simple graphic mark, emblem, symbol or even an abstract artwork, so long as it’s able to deliver your brand identity in one glance, you can make it a logo.

The best way to get around a perfect logo for your business is to be consistent. Consistent colour(s), mascot, font, etc. Don’t change, for example, the animal representing your mascot, say from a bear to a horse. THis will confuse your consumers and your target market.

Remember, the goal of your logo is to be recognisable, deliver your brand identity and message thus, a consistent design is important. Have fun creating your logo that defines your business!

With a strong, memorable logo, you’ll be able to stand out among the already saturated field of competitors. Think, the most recognisable brands such as Starbucks, Apple, Nike, Twitter, Coca-Cola etc. Their brand logos immediately come to mind, didn’t they?

This is called product branding; these international companies’ abilities to stand out in their sea of competitors. Their skills to stay relevant with instantly eye-catching logos serves as a form of longevity. It also boosts a sense of trust within your consumers where they know this is a business serious about connecting with their consumers.

A strong and memorable brand logo is able to influence your customers, and the target market perceives your company and your product/service in a positive light. People have long been psychologically able to associate better with imagery in their memories.

Everyone else including you and I makes snap judgements about everything we see each day, that’s how decisions are made. And that’s how each brand logo plays into those decisions too. A logo is an instant way to tell your consumers that you’re an established business who’s been in the field for a long time.